March 2017

Revolving-Door Patients Illustrate Health System Flaws

Doctors call them frequent fliers. They are the patients who leave the hospital, only to boomerang back days or weeks later. They have become a front-burner challenge not only for hospitals and doctors but also for those trying to rein in rising costs. Typically elderly and suffering from the chronic diseases that account for 75 percent [...]

Alzheimer’s Patients Struggle Without Insurance

Alzheimer’s is thought of as a disease of the elderly. But there are also people – maybe a couple hundred thousand or more – who have Alzheimer’s in their 40s and 50s. Medicare was created for the elderly. Then Congress opened it up to younger people who are disabled or sick – that includes people with [...]

Convent Focuses On Different Approach To End Of Life Care

A focus on end-of-life care emphasizes social and spiritual elements over aggressive medical intervention. The New York Times reports on the phenomenon by examining end-of-life care at an upstate New York convent: "A convent is a world apart, unduplicable. But the Sisters of St. Joseph, a congregation in this Rochester suburb, animate many factors that studies say [...]

Who Needs Antibiotics When You’ve Got Cranberries?

Superbugs are no match for this super fruit. A new study published in Food & Function suggests that cranberries may be the key to fighting new “superbugs.”  In order for bacteria to cause an infection and wreak havoc on your body, it has to be able to latch onto cells within your body, like the lining [...]

Purpose Adds Years Maybe Decades To Your Life

People with a greater sense of purpose live longer, sleep better and have better sex. Purpose cuts the risk of stroke and depression. It helps people recover from addiction or manage their glucose levels if they are diabetic. In an analysis of 7000 middle aged people in the US, even small increases in sense of [...]

February 2017

Reasons to Eat Apples Year Round

People have been consuming apples for about 4,000 years, since they were first cultivated in the area of Central Asia now called Kazakhstan. It's great to eat apples year round, considering their many health benefits. They're high in fiber and pectin, vitamin C, beneficial antioxidants, flavonoids, and phytonutrients. In fact, compared to other commonly consumed [...]

Who Does Your Doctor Really Work For?

In the old days of traditional fee-for-service medicine, your doctor clearly worked for you, the patient. If you needed to go into the hospital, your "major medical" insurance plan would cover the inpatient costs, so that you would not go bankrupt due to a medical condition. Otherwise, you paid your doctor, and your doctor worked [...]