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​We are the largest and most experienced providers of
geriatric care management, home health, hospice and mental health services to seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.

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We are the largest and most experienced providers
of mental health services to seniors in the nation.​

MedicalSocialWorkers.com provides assessment and counseling services to seniors and their families living in long term care and residential homes. MedicalSocialWorkers.com is the the largest and most experienced providers of mental health services to seniors in the nation. Our mental health clinicians are experts in geriatric mental health issues. We can assess, identify and treat problems which can interfere with the happiness the senior deserves in this life stage. Our experts are committed to providing the greatest “Quality of Life” care with the highest possible ethical and moral standards.

MedicalSocialWorkers.com is a leader in the provision of mental health services to long term care facilities, developing expertise in the industry.

One main thing that separates us from our competitors is that we built our company on Federal and State Laws such as OBRA and Title 22.  We designed our company programs and services with these Laws and Regulations built in from our inception.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not only a provider in your facility, but we are a “Partner” working together for the benefit of the residents, staff and families.  Our success depends on your success.

MedicalSocialWorkers.com provides a critical service and we pride ourselves on our unique “System of Delivery”.  Our “System” identifies and addresses some of the most common areas of concern at the facility.  MedicalSocialWorkers Referral Process

1.Residents who have a mental health diagnosis listed on their face sheet.
2.Residents with Triggers in Section “E” of the Minimum Data Set (MDS).
3.Residents who have Care Plans for mental health/behavioral issues.
4.Residents who are on psycho-active medications.

Our therapists are experts in the identification and resolution of eldercare issues common to residents of skilled nursing, rehab, long term care and assisted living and memory care facilities.  We know how to best utilize this expertise in the context of long term care and Medicare environments, resulting in the maintenance of a high standard of “Quality of Life” for the residents entrusted to your care.

Working with MedicalSocialWorkers.com also results in a lessening of the burden of staff burnout associated with the high demands of residents with mental/behavioral health needs and a facilitation of meeting these demands of overseeing regulating agencies.  We provide:

Psychological Assessment
Behavior Management
Psychological Testing (Limited)
Inter-Disciplinary Team Consultation
Staff Education
Family Consultation
Administrative Consultation

Our Transition program focuses on Senior Family issues.  A Senior Family is one that has a member who is experiencing issues related to aging. MedicalSocialWorkers.com provides assessment and counseling both to the family and the senior to help them resolve their concerns and work through this time of difficult change.  These services are delivered in both outpatient and assisted living settings.  Counseling is available for the senior and their family members who are:

Experiencing difficulties with activities of daily living (ADL’s)
Transitioning from home
Adjusting to new environments
Resolving family issues
Coping with mood changes
Dealing with changes in health
Improving interpersonal relationships

MedicalSocialWorkers.com offers consulting to the long term care industry in a variety of ways.  Corporations concerned about their management of mental health can benefit from MedicalSocialWorker’s expertise in their delivery.  We can also assist in administrative issues such as executive coaching, selection and training.